Environmental Impact Assessment

MG Planning regularly undertakes environmental impact assessments for a range of council and government activities. These assessments are required under Part 5 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 to determine whether a proposed activity is likely to have a significant impact on the environment.

We have assessed a wide variety of activities under Part 5, including new parks, foreshore recreation and boating facilities, roads, cycleways and affordable housing developments. MG Planning also provides advice to government and councils on the use of Part 5, particularly in relation to the requirements of the Infrastructure SEPP.

Recent Projects

Victoria Park Upgrade

Victoria-ParkThe City of Sydney is proposing to undertake a range of improvements to Victoria Park at Camperdown as part of its broader commitment to ensuring the community has access to high quality parks and playgrounds. Council has recognised that there are a number of issues that need to be addressed to make Victoria Park a more attractive and useable open space. MG Planning was engaged in conjunction with Johnson Pilton Walker to prepare the Review of Environmental Factors for the project.

Mahon Pool Amenities

macon-poolMG Planning prepared a Part 5 Review of Environmental Factors for the upgrading of existing amenities facilities associated with Mahon Pool on behalf of Randwick City Council. Mahon Pool is iconic rock pool located near Maroubra Beach . The exposed rock outcrops and cliffs above it make it a spectacular recreation area for the community.

City of Sydney Part 5 Procedures Manual

Part5The City of Sydney engaged MG Planning to prepare a guide to assist Council staff in understanding the level of assessment required and their obligations in relation to projects undertaken under Part 5 of the EP&A Act. The Manual includes a number of checklists and templates to streamline and standardise assessment processes.

Social Housing Projects

social-housingMG Planning has prepared a number of Part 5 environmental impact assessments for multi unit residential development, seniors housing and group home projects across Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle. These assessments have been prepared for the Land and Housing Corporation and in accordance with the provisions of the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP 2009.